12 Step Milk Ladder Recipes

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12 Step Milk Ladder Recipes. The amounts in the Ladder are given as a guide. My thoughts are that this ladder jumps stages very quickly and I personally wouldnt want to jump from pancakes straight to raw cheese so I do prefer the 12 step ladder.

The Coconut Collab On Twitter Milk Ladder Milk Challenge Milk Allergy
The Coconut Collab On Twitter Milk Ladder Milk Challenge Milk Allergy from www.pinterest.com

Homemade foods containing large amounts of cows milk Rice pudding Yorkshire puddings pancakes white sauce. 12 STEP Pasteurised milk infant formula powder 11 STEP Sterilised milkinfant formula tetra packs 9 STEP Yoghurt 8 STEP Milk chocolate milk chocolate buttons 7 STEP Pizza 6 STEP Lasagne 5 STEP Shepherds Pie 4 STEP Scotch pancakes 3 STEP Mini muffins cup cakes 2 STEP Garibaldi biscuits Digestives AMOUNT 100 mls 200 mls AMOUNT 10g chocolate Milk chocolate buttons ½ bag or 35g AMOUNT. Cows milk- sterilised milk may be tolerated earlier Start with 1 tablespoon on cereal.

1 12 teaspoons bicarbonate of soda.

Malted milk shortcake nice garibaldi NOTE. If you prefer to make your own there is a biscuit recipe to go with this step. Foods on any previous steps of the Milk Ladder that they have successfully introduced into their diet as this will help to maintain their tolerance. The time spent on each Step will vary from one child to another eg.